Friday, August 04, 2006

Some General requirements

I want to lay out the general requirements for our address class at least as it is seen by the client software. 

The class must support a number of properties to hold one or more address lines, city, state, and zip code data.  There must be a way to store and retrieve each of these properties as a string.  In the case of the address example, we could stop there.  If the class contained properties that should be expressed in a different data type, we would also need a way to store and retrieve the property in a type-safe way.  Because we are building this class to support a laissez-faire data entry mode, we want to have a way to determine the validity of each property, as well as any error messages associated with that property, and possibly a set of rules that the property must comply with.

We want a way to perform cross-field validations.  We need a way to indicate that we want to advance the data to the next stage.  It may be that we combine these two functions in a method that attempts to advance the stage with the possibility of returning validation errors.  In any case we want the ability to see the validation error messages for the class as a whole, and again the possibility of seeing the rules that the class as a whole must comply with.

Again, from the point of view of the client software, we want a single interface that we can use to the multiple stages of the data entry process.


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