Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Bathroom Drain Watch: Day who knows

Well, I am back on the road again and the bathroom tile tub drain is down.  This is a typical example of the inanity that goes on while being on the road.  I’m trying to figure out why the tub drain would be down, at all, ever.  I’m trying to envision the process that the cleaning folks would go through that would end up with tub drain being closed at the end of that process.  I mean, I might have the tub drain closed while I was cleaning the tub to preserve the soapy water or whatever it was I was using to clean it but it would seem to me that one would open up the tub drain and rinse out the tub and stop at that point.  there does not seem to be a reason why you go back and close the drain.  There must be something going on here that I don’t fully understand.


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