Tuesday, July 25, 2006

My Very First Post in This Blog

It is said that the first is the hardest. My experience is that the fifth or sixth is much harder. The trick is to establish a pattern of behavior that can be sustained.

This blog is about software design, mostly object oriented software design. I find it useful as I am designing some software to try to capture my thinking about the problem. Having to write something down about the alternatives clarifies the mind. What I want to do in this blog is to talk "out loud" about what I am trying to do and what influences affect the design.

I read a lot about design (a by product of too much time on the road) and I try to apply the lessons to the work I do. Sometimes the current consulting project does not provide an opportunity. To address that, I have what I call a "sanity project" that I use as a test bed for trying out some of these ideas. Once upon a time, it was a real project but it has evolved into a sandbox for learning new ways of doing things by doing things in a new way.

My goal is to write something here everyday to establish that behavioral pattern. As with any blog, the material here is going to be short, somewhat unfocused, and erratic (but in a good way).

Ok, the first one is done. I want to take a look at the Word toolbar that allows me to do this from Word.


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